Monday, April 13, 2009

Words of wisdom for you

I am able to impart two gems from recent experience:

1. Nymans garden in April is pretty much heaven on earth, especially if you like camellias and magnolias. Some pictures follow; out of interest - the house you see is not as old as you might think, this part was early 20th century. It was destroyed by fire in the late 40s.

2. Putting industrial quantities of couch grass into your compost bins over a 3 month period is stupid. I didn't know what it was. I do now.


  1. I totally can see that being Heaven on earth...leaves me speechless. There are so many amazing places around England. If I lived there, I would never garden because I would be out looking at old gardens all the time.

    I am dying laughing about #2

  2. Ha. Are you indeed! ;)

    Funny - the camellias were lovely but I see all my photos are of rhododendrons.

  3. I have lots of photos of magnolias and the like from Nymans on my computer - a friend goes there quite a lot. I shall have to sort out a way for you to see them :)

  4. Nymans looks lovely it's a long time since we have been there.

    Couch grass ugh about on a par with ground elder which I made the same mistake with 30 years ago we reap the reward still now.

  5. I love Nymans. I think it's my favourite garden ever, and that's quite a difficult choice. It just has everything - the drama of the ruined house, rolling countryside, impossibly romantic rose garden, wonderful borders...

  6. Oh beautiful and gorgeous photos, especially the one of the yellow by the field and fence. Had a good laugh at no 2!!


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