Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy day

I was in the garden today from just before 9 to nearly 5, with about an hour's break in total - which was also spent in the garden.

I tidied a veg bed near the tool shed which had become rather a dump. Some things get moved around from one place to the next, and until the leaves come more, they're unsightly wherever I put them. Rolls of chicken wire are the main culprit, but they will be used soon in a new fence.

Next I tidied another area, by the main compost bins, for the same reason.

Then I weeded inside the big glass cold frame. Not my favourite job - I'm so clumsy, I have a horror that one day I'll fall into/onto it but it's too big to move easily.

More tidying after that, mostly in the veg garden. There's a lot to be done in there, I will be spending a full day there tomorrow.

I planted out the astilbe's I found still growing in pots, and also a heuchera, and weeded some of the bog area.

I planted up the remaining sweet peas.

Then I tackled the pruning of a big shrub rose. I am very keen on roses and compared to the rest of gardening, I know a fair bit about them. This means that our roses clearly displaying signs of neglect is embarrassing. Still, I don't do gardening for show, it's just a nice spin-off, and I am hopeful that the plant will have benefited as well as my garden-cred...

I then shredded all the prunings.

Next I tidied the greenhouse.

I put the heap of ivy we pulled out of the hedge last autumn in the bin.

Then I mowed the lawns.

Finally I began on weeding but I was pretty tired by then. It feels odd to be tired when it's still good daylight!

And then I took the pictures. These aren't especially flattering: the idea is to try to show exactly what you see as you walk round.

But at this time of the year, the best flowers are at the front:


  1. What a lovely tour. The last pic looks like a camellia. You have a pretty yard and it looks like you work hard on it. Lots of luck...

  2. Emily that all looks fantastic. It looks so calming. Even your pooch thinks so, I see. I hope you get to spend a good amount of time kicking back and enjoying it all.

  3. You wore the poor puppy out :) I love your glassed in sun porch. The hellebore and camellia is so pretty.Your grass is so green, ours is just starting to come around after all of the rain. You had quite a day.

  4. Sounds like you got a lot done today! Thanks for the tour.

  5. Oh, I do love reading about England, and English gardens! Imagining myself visiting.... Thanks for this great post, Emily!

  6. Beautiful yard! You got a lot done today- time for a nice hot bath :). Love your greenhouse :)

  7. Makes me tired just reading about it :-)
    Wasn't it a lovely day to be out yesterday. April Fool or are we going to get more of those this year?

  8. Pippa looks so comfy!

    I love the flowers in the second last photo - what are they?

  9. Hello - thanks for all the comments!

    The reason Pippa looks tired is that she's just come into season. - Well, that and she loves dozing in the sunshine! She'll be full of beans again soon.

    The big glass thing is a conservatory. These have become really popular in England in the last few years. We have furniture in it and use it as our main living room for most of the year; it's double-glazed with lots of roof vents and 3 big radiators, although we don't use them much at all.

    The 2nd to last flowers are hellebores, but they face downwards, which might be why you don't recognise them.

  10. Hi EB - I've just wandered into your blog from somewhere else (can't remember whose - oops!) and have really enjoyed reading your posts.

    You managed to pack a lot of work in yesterday! The garden's looking really good - great tour, and the dog is just plain gorgeous!

  11. Emily the garden looks great, you have worked so hard on it. I love that red hellibore, and I want a conservatory, yours is beautiful.


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