Monday, April 20, 2009

Some ideas from Nottingham

Yesterday I was in Nottingham Arboretum, which is more like a public park in some ways. Here are some of the things that really struck me:

This shows the kind of planting I really like. I love the height, the volume, the contrast in texture and density, the substance of it all. Evergreens can be a bit stolid but with fireworky-grasses like this, it's much more fun to look at:

Here what I like is the beautifully harmonised colour tints - all soft pinks and smokey browns. Not necessarily my favourite colours in themselves but I think they've been put together very well:

And finally, these tulips - cups of light, but they would be so much less successful without the pansies and greenery:


  1. Nice colors. Sometimes it seems as though these things weren't thought out...when indeed they are extremely well planned.

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