Friday, April 24, 2009

Butterfly confetti

I'm so tired I can't remember exactly what I did today. The main thing though was clearing space to put out my new plants. I thought this would just be some light re-weeding, but it became clear I should cut back the two climbing roses (ahem, they being a dog rose and a field rose!).

So the plants still aren't in the ground, and I will be busy with other things for the next few days. I will post again soon!

a little closer...


  1. Great shot!!!! Have a good weekend.

  2. That was enthusiastically quirky.

  3. Lovely! We don't have those. I love the soft brown and the cream together.

  4. That's exactly how I felt the other day. My brain just seized up and the thought of thinking through one more action or decision was just too much. Sit back and enjoy the company of your butterfly for a bit. They are rather companionable, aren't they? In the lightest, most unobtrusive way.

  5. What a pity you aren't going to a wedding there's nothing like the real thing for confetti I have dried some petals for confetti Delphinium being particularly good although blossom doesn't dry nicely'

    You did well to catch the Speckled Wood they don't stay still for long.

    It's best to clear the space well pays dividends eventually.

  6. thank you for all your comments. The three pots were used last year if you look on september 08 there is a before and after photo.


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