Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More photos

More photos they said - so here they are.

(The main work I did today was watering in the morning - all the pots, new seedlings, and things I've moved; then in the afternoon beginning to cut down the hypericum. I've done most of the top of it, so I'll tackle the roots tomorrow and I hope to get the soil improved and the rose in.)

Thank you all very much for the comments by the way - a longer reply follows tomorrow!

Spot the two helpers here: one bounds around, the other supervises:

This view looked a lot prettier by the end of the day when I decided to move our indoor geraniums out, but I forgot to take a picture then and I wanted to include this one today because it was the first day this year that I put the parasol up.


  1. Emily, it's looking so good. Lucky you getting a cheque to buy new plants, have fun buying and planting them. Bye the way, my Toad Lily flowers during the summer, in fact its foliage is up and growing well and I usually get the flowers mid-late summer. I bought it years ago and have split it and now have it in 2 beds, I love it.

  2. Lovely! I see the apple blossoms too.

  3. What an oasis you have there! I really need to post pictures of my mother's garden sometime, it too is an oasis.

    Beautiful work, Emily, it is a pleasure to see.

  4. Emily all looking so well cared for I am envious. I always wanted to kep chickens but Mike would not agree. We did look after a duck for a fortnight for a friend it was excellent cleaned the garden out of sluigs and snails and we didn't have a problem with them for about 3 years. could do with borrowing one again for a couple of weeks.

  5. Very inviting... I can almost feel the warmth of the sun... And you are so lucky to have chickens!

  6. Very nice EMILY!!!! You garden in beautiful :). I am so glad you shared some photos with us.

    By the way....Bilbo is in Jackson, Mississippi. Please visit my blog for a link to Law of the Land. Be sure to leave comment at Law of the Land to be put in for a chance to have Bilbo sent to you! I would love for him to visit you!

  7. Maureen - I'm glad to hear your toad lilies established well, I hope mine do too! and thank you.

    Kathering - :D The apple blossoms aren't quite at the height yet. It's always hard to judge when that is because we have 5 trees each a different variety (although only 3 mature ones) so they flower at slightly different times.

    Melanie - hello, and thank you!

    Joanne and Pelageya - no, we have no hens. I think it's probably Pippa's tail you're looking at! I'd love to have them but my husband sensibly points out the numerous reasons why we can't really. (one day he'll go away and come home to hear clucking in the distance...)

    Dirt Princess - I'll go straight there now ;)


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