Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plants planted

Today I finally got my new plants into the ground. After a huge amount of weeding, I was happy at last that it was ready, and here they all are waiting:

And here's the bed after with them in place:

Out of interest, here's what the bed looked like in January of this year (the lovely white foliage plants were euphorbia but they didn't really like the shady damp ground)

Even in the winter, the fence is less visible. About 4 years ago I planted a dog rose and a field rose either side of the apple tree. Well we all make mistakes. I haven't dug them out but I have cut them back hard. The growth the dog rose puts on each year is formidable! The cutting back and planting of a greater number of smaller plants here has helped the proportions, although it won't really be settled in for a couple of years of course.


  1. What a difference clearing out the weeds made! It always does. Looks great. How was the frost last night? Hope you didn't have any damage

  2. The only difference the chill made last night was we had an extra blanket on our bed! All the plants were OK, but then it wasn't actually frost anyway.

  3. Emily, glad to see you got all those old weeds cleaned up. It is such an improvement and your new bed looks wonderful. You had some hard work but it is worth it. Great job. It is going to look wonderful.

  4. Looks good and what a lovely shaped apple tree


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