Sunday, June 20, 2010

Urgent: garden closing

This is for anyone in the South-east of England who could possibly get to Sussex before the end of June. You may well have read this elsewhere, but PLEASE visit Leonardslee Garden if you can before then, especially if you've never been before. It has been sold and will be closed to the public from the end of June.

I went to see the garden today, will post pictures as soon as I've sorted them out. It's a gorgeous place - 200 acres all set over a beautiful steep valley with a series of narrow lakes around the bottom. The star plants to me are the trees, planted with great thought - you could hardly take a bad picture of this place. As if the garden itself wasn't enough, there's also a huge doll's house exhibition and a collection of very early motor cars. All that for £6.50! - oh and a restaurant, gifte shoppe and also a big proper plant nursery just down the road.