Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another busy day

I did 6 hours today. It was meant to be our last sunny day before the visitors arrive, but I think the forecast has changed now. At this rate they'll have to eat, sleep and everything else out there - the house will be a tip!

I finished the herb bed. I made a note to take cuttings of the purple sage which is looking elderly. I love sage plants and so do the bees. Then I weeded the bog garden - hard work. Weeded in the square garden, then moved some self-sown nigella there from the pea-bed. Mowed. Planted out some peas. Did 3 lots more weeding. Moved the patio furniture back into place.

In my next life I will be a non-organic gardener. Either that or I'm going to cultivate solely and deliberately, weeds.

I took another round of photos today but not until after 7pm. It seemed light to the eye but not to my camera! I will take some more another time.


  1. Hi... I am sure that 6 hours was a quality and fruitful time ... playing and toiling with nature .. cheers! ~ bangchik

  2. I always find it funny that to my eye, there is plenty of light...but the camera always feels the need to use flash and make it look 10 times darker!

  3. Hi
    I found your blog through Botanical. It is an interesting read am afraid I can't compete with the hours you spend in your garden, in fact only managed to walk round today unfortunately, shopping got in the way. I am just across country from you in Guildford so by Botanical standards near neighbours.


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