Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Guess what...

... yet another busy day!

It rained overnight, and the garden looked so much the better for it today. All washed and freshened up. No doubt this applied to the weeds too but never mind!

First thing, I found out that Whichford Pottery will give me a credit note for the pot of theirs that broke over the last few winters. I don't know how much for yet, but I spent a pleasant time over breakfast with their catalogue.

Then I went out and spent ages tarting up the patio. I binned the broken pots, planted out various plants from them, and filled others with self-sown pretty things to look nice over the week-end (mainly forget-me-nots, and something I had hoped would be dicentra but I suspect is welsh poppies).

I planted out 2 of my very numerous tomato plants. I know it's very early but if we lose them, the are plenty of reinforcements. They're under a light movable cold-frame at the moment.

Finally a picture of what the boggy bed looks like at the moment, with another of what it looked like on the 10th January.


  1. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks great! Good clean up job you did there!

  2. Wow what a difference. It looks great. Feels good don't it. Happy Easter.

  3. Much better! I do like the way that the winter and the spring just clean everything!


  4. What a wonderful difference it makes near your bog.What is the yellow flowers in your pond? Very pretty.

  5. Thanks all :)

    HHG - the yellow flowers are kingcups (caltha palustris), they're a local native, and very soon they will be completel covered in yellow flowers. They bloom again, a bit less so, later in the year.

  6. Hi Emily, those two pictures show all the hard work you've put in to your garden over the past months. I bet you're glad now that you did all that work then and not having to just get started on it now. People think there is nothing to be done in the garden during winter but I alway think its one of the most important times to be in the garden if you want it looking nice for the summer. Bob.


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