Saturday, April 11, 2009


Every year I forget how different trees look with leaves on. Not so much trees in particular actually, but how different everything looks when they do. It's like putting the furniture back into a room.

I notice it most in the garden. Our apple trees are stealthily coming into leaf: they seem to change most quickly over night. Out on walks, many paths are actually brighter in the winter, when the leaves have fallen - an inversion that pleases me.

This afternoon we plan to go to Nymans ( It won't be the same if the sun isn't out but I hope we go anyway. I believe they also sell some plants there........

PS A couple of houses on our street have small areas of lawn in front of them which haven't been mown yet this year. Each is now studded with cuckoo flower (cardamine pratensis). Our next-door neighbour though, whose garden is wild from the half-point back, has none. I think they need mowing to simulate a meadow. I love this flower and have tried moving some into a border but they don't really like it. I'd like to leave a patch of grass - they just appear from nowhere round here if you leave it.


  1. Isn't it wonderful who Trees just keep on giving all year long?!! I just found your blog on Blotanical. LOve your entries so I hope to follow you through the season. Happy Easter Weekend from my Garden in the Midwest / USA!

  2. Hello Bren - thanks for that. I hope you enjoy it more as things progress and more comes out!

  3. Love your simile about putting furniture back in a room.

  4. Hi I hope you enjoyed your trip to Nymans. We had to go to Kent and the sun came out and the weather was lovely inspite of the rain we left behind in Surrey.

    The new growth on the trees and blossom is looking lovely.


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