Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do you think seedlings actually breed?

There seem to be more and more seedlings every day, even if I don't sow any more!

At the moment this is my favourite plant - a viburnam judii, with the most gorgeous perfume:

I thought you might also like to see this snap of Velvet, just about to drink from the pond:

And finally this is a front garden in a village near us. I am determined now to sow deep red wallflowers and plant creamy white narcissi and some more primulas, for next spring:


  1. My tomato seedlings are breeding, I'm sure of it! I'm beginning to wonder what I'm going to do with them all.

    I'm sorry, I had to laugh at 2. in your previous post - we've all done something like that at some time!

  2. Seedlings breed?.... probably... ~ cheers! But my sun flower seeds none germinated!!... arggh, cheers... Blog On! ~ bangchik

  3. How delightful to have found another gardening blog. That viburnum looks lovely. And your cat! My son's cats used to drink from the pond and lick the goldfish at the same time, who came to the top thinking it was food! Jim, my husband, has just had to build another cold frame, so I think his seedlings are breeding!!

  4. Emily Yes the seeds do take over especially when they are potted on but isn't it fun!
    What a lovely viburnum does it smell nice?

  5. Juliet - I hope I'm lauging soon about it!

    Bangchik - that happened to my mother's sunflowers, they found out it was a rat eating them.

    BT - I can well believe that! Cold frames are very good for using up things you've been keeping until they come in handy...

    and - Joanne, yes, it smells absolutely wonderful, I should have said. That was what I bought it for, I used to pass a garden on the street that had one.

  6. Hi Emily, everything looks wonderful, especially all your little plants growing from seeds. You have been very busy. I hope your visitors liked your garden. I must tell you about my newly acquired Hellebore ! my neighbouring plot holders are moving away ( very sad as they are lovely)and now have a big plot in Salisbury where they live. Anyway, they are digging up all their fruit and flowers (soo many !) and they very kindly gave me a HUGE dusky pink hellebore, I will post a photo soon, as I know you love them.
    take it easy

  7. Hi Emily, Sorry to hear about the compost problems, hope you can get the grass sorted ok. Primulas are a good plant personally speaking though I would choose Polyanthus which are more or less the same except the flowers are on longer stems which make them easier to dead head also the ones I have flowered better. Bob.

  8. It takes so much restraint to plant just enough seeds for what you really need! At least seeds are cheap, and you can share leftover seeds OR plants!


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