Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So exciting!

I must write this post now, and get these pictures from yesterday up, because last night it rained properly for the first time in weeks and I'm going to want to take dozens more. I don't suppose they'll look all that different to anyone else but never mind.

So, this is how the garden looks overall - or did until last night.

This is the house from the front:

This is the first bit of the back garden:

This is in the next bit of garden. I'm going to do lots of pruning here this year to let more light in and make more space. The hypericum to the left has already been done; the spirea will be next. But just now I'm enjoying it:

This stretch of hedge was cut back the day before yesterday. It's only a few meters but it took me ages - reducing the height by nearly half, with loppers and a secateurs. All the trees in it are different. I chose them from a thing called the Plant Postcode Database: they're all very local. As a result they grow like there's no tomorrow and several of them sucker a lot into the beds on either side. Not terribly intelligent planting but we live and learn. At least they're healthy!

The path leads on:

To the next bit of garden. The right hand apple tree will be in blossom in about a week I think. They're old and tend to flower and fruit in alternate years, but since we have 5 apple trees in total this hardly seems a problem:

In our rather broken down greenhouse some tomato plants are waiting:

Near the back of this area, a ribes and kerria are some of the few plants apart from the trees which were here when we moved in, 9 years ago:

The main veg beds at the moment:

The view back up the garden towards the house:

And the back of the house:

I think the grass will be quite a bit greener in the next photos I post (though no doubt it won't stay that way forever - can't have everything). More soon!