Friday, April 3, 2009

Some people can't keep away!

Too much happened today not to blog about it...

1. I found a dead frog in the pond and had to fish him out with a net. Loads of the frogspawn has - do you say germinated? though, and is wriggling around.

2. A robin got stuck in the fruit cage and had to be let out.

3. While digging in a completely different bit of the garden, and one recently created, I found a label for a rose which is nearly 30 years old and which I've never known the identity of. I was over the moon. It is called Deep Secret - or originally Mildred Scheel - bred by Tantau in Germany and introduced in 1977. She's about 4 feet tall, very healthy, a hybrid tea, with dark red flowers with golden stamens and a gorgeous perfume. Flowers from late June until the heaviest frosts. I have several pictures of it but none represent the colour properly, which is a bit deeper than blood - sorry to be gory!


  1. Wow that must have been so exciting! I love to know what the exact varieties of my plants are!


  2. How fantastic Emily!!!!!!Fantastic about the rose, not the frog or the bird!I can't wait to see photos of the rose.

    You have a dirt-y weekend ;)

  3. Like a fairytale, to dig and find the name of your rose friend!

  4. I was sure some people reading this would get it - about wanting to know the name, and of finding it by digging!

  5. I am sad about two fellows but happy about the rose!
    Thanks for the comments you left recently on my blog, Emily! Spring break was good and I am back to Blotanical!

  6. I love the idea that frogspawn germinates!

  7. I sometime unearth old bottles. I like the links to the past owners of my house - gives me a sense of continuity and being a link in a chain. Easy for you lot up there where has been settled since dawn of man (and woman) but harder to find in NZ...


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