Thursday, April 2, 2009

Company in the garden

Today as I was weeding, I felt I was being watched. Can you see him?

These days I rarely see birds in the garden while I'm out, although I see many from the window. Clearly Mr Robin had spotted that my feline companion was out for the count!


  1. Oh that is too funny. Clearly kitty has no enemies in that space otherwise why expose the underbelly!

  2. LOL - that is classic! I glad you were able to get pictures.

  3. That is fantastic! It actually looks like you have a headless cat under a hedge!


  4. I am so glad that when you click on the pictures they enlarge, I couldn't make "it" out at first -
    very funny, great shot.

  5. Taking a nap in the sun- smart cat! Very cute too. Looks like you're getting some beautiful weather :)


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