Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some more pretties

For some reason the rock garden feels like the heart of Wisley to me. I read recently that it was first made in 1912:

Part of the new glasshouse: (I won't show you any of my pictures from inside it, they weren't much good, but I loved it so much we went back there together 3 days later and my husband's pictures are much better so I'll ask him if I can show you one or two of them.)

I hadn't seen this Chinese pavilion before for some reason:

I loved these pots of grass but couldn't see their name anywhere - does anyone recognise them? I bet you will, please tell me what they are!

(Incidentally my favourite plant on our 2nd visit was gaura Whirling Butterflies.)

Finally, I don't normally like cannas but I think they look great here: