Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More excitement

First off, can anyone tell me what butterfly this was, who joined me for my morning cup of tea?

I didn't get a good shot of the apple trees today, but here are a few bluebells to be going on with:

Today I was over the moon to receive a cheque from my father to pay for some new plants. So I took out the list I'd made for whenever, and began mulling it over again. I decided to use the opportunity to buy all new plants - ie nothing that I'd ever had before. I had a very enjoyable rummage through a couple of books, and after a while ordered the following from Long Acre Plants:

3 x Asarum europaeum (this is mainly foliage, kidney shaped leaves, shiny, called wild ginger)
2 x Tricyrtis formosana 'Dark Beauty' (these are called toad lilies, they flower in autumn and look fascinating)
1 x Tricyrtis 'Amanagowa' (similar to above)
2 x Uvularia grandiflora var pallida (these flower in the spring, cream coloured slender dangling flowers)
1 x Uvularia grandiflora (same but in yellow, a month apart)
1 x Speirantha convallarioides (white spikey flowers in spring, evergreen)
1 x Geranium nodosum (a mauve hardy geranium)
1 x Athyrium niponicum var pictum (a fern)

So I'll see how that little lot stands up to my tender mercies! They're to go in a bed of fairly damp shade. I know people say you should get 3's or even more of things, but I'd rather get more different things and split them after they spread out a bit. I'm very excited about growing some new plants, it feels like getting to know new people. (some of us should get out more...)

This morning I planted some leeks, twice: once the wrong way and once the right way (make a hole with a stick, place the leek in and fill with water). My husband said please do ask if I'm not sure about anything - but I had no suspicion there was anything special about how to plant leeks!

Then I went to a local nursery and bought 7 alpines. I've put them in an old china sink for now but I know they will get too big for there; I'll plant them on eventually.

Then I mowed the lawn, took Pippa out for a short walk since it was her first in nearly a month (just out of her season), and then - spotted our first borage flower. I love borage: we put the flowers with mint leaves and chunks of lemon in a jug of water. I also put them in ice-cubes to cheer us up in drinks over the winter. I took this picture in the evening and the flash went off, which is why the colours are a bit odd, sorry.


  1. I am no expert on butterflies or moths...but I think it is a mith maybe? The bluebells are lovely. You should post more photos of your garden. I have never heard of borage. Very neat that you mix it with water. Nice bloom

  2. Hi I am not very good on butterfly names but it looks like a Speckled Wood. They are not very big and usually found in pairs in dappled woodland so as it is in doors perhaps I am wrong. i have already seen them in our woods this year.

    You do so well to catch these photographs.

  3. Sounds like you've had a lovely day ... and how nice to have all those new plants to look forward to :-D

    I think Joanne's right about the butterfly - there are photos of Speckled Woods on this page if you want to look them up.

  4. I say speckled wood as well, though it looks as if it has had a bit of an accident with its wing. I saw one in my garden this morning.

  5. I am of the same thought to buy one of everything then spread them around when they get bigger. I wish I could buy 3 of everything. You got some good plants. I especially love the toadlilies. I think your garden with the bluebells is awesome!

  6. Hi Emily Thank you for following my blog I hope you enjoy it.

    Thank you also for the link on butterflies I am not sure how to add links like this but will do so when I find out.

  7. Hallo Emily,
    I found the butterfly in a book!
    Named “Waldbrettspiel” (Pararge aegeriassp.tircis)
    LG Bettina :)

  8. I know exactly what you mean about new plants being new 'friends'! I feel the same way. I also love borage and put it in salads - a yummy flavour of oysters...
    I grew it at my last house. A friend said 'once you have borage, you always have it. And she was right!

    Must get some here. Thank you fro reminding me about it.

  9. Hi Emily, I think you're okay buying one of each plant cos the way I always heard it is to plant in odd numbers, as you say 3s 5s 7s etc and as 1 is an odd number also then I guess that will work okay and a you say it make more sence to have a variety. Bob.


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