Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today my husband did lots in the garden too. He strimmed all the edges - this is quite a job given that the garden is rather bitty and complicated. He also put up a new temporary fence. And then he read and kept me company. We had lunch outside for the first time this year.

I cleared and mowed the lawn. It lookes much, much better for it, with the edges done too. I took photos of the whole garden (not pretty ones, just as a record). I sowed 2 trays of echium - a bombproof plant I love. The first vinca flower is out.

And I took a photo of this butterfly.

A garden pay-back day, it was wonderful.


  1. I said exactly the same thing the other day when I cut the grass at work. You don't realise how untidy the grass is until you cut it and then it makes all the difference. It sort of changes the garden from winter to spring.

  2. Sounds like a great day! I can't wait for it to warm up here and see some butterflies!

  3. I agree - It was a wonderful day to be in the garden
    Sounds like you got loads done.

  4. A confession: I've been so busy with my new course, it's been four weeks since I last cut the grass here. Father.

  5. I also caught some butterfly pics over the was taking a drink...

  6. I've loved watching the butterflies over the weekend - lots of brimstones, plus a tortoishell, but I particularly like your comma!

    The windows have been open wide today, lunch taken on the patio and the first batch of washing dried on the line this year. A very good garden pay-back day here too!

  7. Sounds like you have it going on. I love to watch butterflies. Thank you for sharing your blog.


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