Saturday, March 28, 2009

Quick note

Just a quick note, since I did say it would be daily...

Today I was in Crawley for an OU tutorial, so I walked through the main park. This has some very good planting in it: lots of shrubs and so on all done so as they feel really satisfying through the year. The parks in Crawley are pretty special to be honest - one day I'll show some pictures of Tilgate park, where they have everything a park should have. Today I mainly noticed the magnolia stellata's - very strikingly placed each one beside a bigger evergreen, which showed them off beautifully.


  1. It's important what you put things with - I've either inherited a garden or mine have just grown like Topsy, but occasionally I fluke it, and it is very noticeable. Once I put pale cream eschelotzias (sp?) (Californian poppy) in front of a dark-stained fence, and then deepest purple petunias in front of them. It was fantastic! and very dramatic.
    I'm looking forward to following you and your garden into summer.

  2. Good! Yes - a lot of my best result have been flukes, self-seedings and so on. I make notes of the good ones but many are hard to reproduce. I must take some more photos, both nitty-gritty overall ones, and also some juicier ones of the bits that look nice, because it's all happening from now on really.

    [bit shaken, just fallen up the stairs - again! If I'm like this at 35, imagine me at 80!]


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