Sunday, March 1, 2009

More sowing, and some long-term photos

First, thank you all for your encouragement after my minor strop this morning. I don't get them often... honest guv!

Today I sowed the final lot of morning glory seeds (some very dark ones), and lots of snapdragons. I washed and set up the heated propagators for them. These are in the conservatory rather than the greenhouse, since it's much warmer in there.

We went to a garden centre, as a special treat for me. They're selling tiny little seedlings in special packaging, tender things that can't go outside for months, at £7.99 for 8. Ouch. I asked two ladies looking at them with me didn't they think that very expensive; they seemed not to. I went off boggling to myself. We bought seed compost and some seed potatoes.

Yesterday was the 6th anniversary of our moving in here, so here are a couple of pictures. The first isn't the earliest we have (it's from April 2003), but it's the one that shows the garden most fully. Building the pond was our first job, because we had fish to bring with us. You can also just see our first tiny veg bed, near the far shed.

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