Wednesday, March 4, 2009

All very springy

I didn't post on here yesterday because I did very little in the garden that day. I went into London to see friends and took the opportunity to walk through St James's Park, eager to see what a big posh park could do at this time of year. It was rainy and blustery but I was delighted with what I saw - pictures over at

Yesterday we had lots of rain which was very good timing for me: I'd just spread some lovely rich homemade compost all round the roses and peonies. I went to sleep listening to the wind rushing round the house, and then woke up to a beautiful sunny morning.

Today I played musical seed trays, shuffling everything round from heated propagator to conservatory, to greenhouse, to the Real World. The ones moving outdoors, which were sweet peas, had a right challenge almost straight away: a hail storm! They survived without injury though. I'm now hoping I've got them out and in the ground before the slugs and snails have really got on the move for the year. I will inspect tomorrow...


  1. Hi Emily, I always feel sorry for plants that have to go out at this time of year after having been in the greenhouse, it must be quite a shock. Bob

  2. Haha, your sweet peas outside you say in the big bad world?.......

    Hope they're ok, really.

  3. Bob - now here you see the full advantage of a rickety, draughty greenhouse!

    Carrie - you will be releaved to hear they were all right this morning. I am vaguely hopeful that they'll do quite well there, they have deep soil and full sun.


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