Monday, March 9, 2009

The end of the beginning

Today I weeded most of the remaining large bed. Despite nice enough weather it was cold and the bed is hard work, weeding underneath and round roses and digging out our friend, the bindweed.

Pippa kept me company.

One of my next jobs is going to be to prune the roses. This is one of my favourites (I find it very hard to choose) - it's a dark red, with a gorgeous perfume, and flowers from about July onwards until the frost. I tried to move it a few years ago but the roots were amazing! It is one of the few plants in the garden from before we came which I love, the others being the apple trees and a white spirea.

And this frogspawn has appeared in the pond.

Bob asked whether we have fish - yes. Maybe I'll talk about them tomrrow, since it's forecast to be wet.


  1. Pippa looks like real good company. My little "Buddy" keeps me company. I have a shitzu/poodle mix - just a lap baby. Love your pics. Looks like some work ahead. Thanks for sharing.... Becca

  2. Emily you have been very busy today! I hate weeding! I think that 90% of the time spent in the garden is weeding. But we must do it. If I let it go too long...I can't tell what is a weed and what is a plant!

  3. I like Pippa's "parallel play" in the garden! Ouch for weeding under roses. I admire your dedication.

  4. That looks tons better! Isn't it so satisfying to have such a major improvement. I've got an area around my iris that I need to attack, too. Pippa is adorable. Could you get her to help dig out areas ;) Cool spawn.

  5. You have that awful bindweed too? Hate that stuff. I think it has nine lives. The frog eggs are pretty nice. I'd like seeing that in my pond.

  6. Robert's (bob to you) mum and dad had bindweed for 20 years untill we brought them some realy powerfull killer. you let the bindweed grow up arround canes and put the weed killer on the tips and let it travel down to the roots.It changed dads garden he took such a pride in it it looks better now then ever before, he used to say it wasent worth bothering with.


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