Monday, March 2, 2009

An important note

I called this blog "Emily's Garden" because from the beginning of this year, I've been in charge of it. In fact, two of us have put a lot of work into it over the years and I should make this clear.

My husband used to be in charge of the vegetables and the herbs. He did all the heavy and technical work, with me playing "builder's mate", on the pond, the raised beds, and the compost bins. He also had many key structural ideas for the garden, such as putting in the tunnel down the side of the garage, and training the holly trees into an arch over it.

These days he is busy with other projects (particularly music). We have discovered that I work better when I'm solely in charge of something, and can feel more proud of it. Hence "Emily's Garden", but really that is a misnomer.

The best bit of each day is showing him what I have done, and knowing that whether it's big or small he will enjoy it because I do.


  1. What a wonderful partner! The best kind!

  2. Very sweet post, Emily. Sounds like you have a keeper.

  3. Great partnership, Emily! Its always the best kind when one partner appreciates what the other has achieved. Way to go!

  4. Emily...I have just stumbled accross your blog. How wonderful it is. You live in such an amazing place. I stayed a semester in London several years back. I traveled all over to English Manors. I immediately fell in love with the country. If only my husband were willing to move with me over there!

  5. Lovely comments - thank you all :) And I'm pleased to make some new bloggy friends too.


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