Wednesday, March 18, 2009

a nothing day

Today I'm feeling pretty down, and as a result - or maybe it's the other way round - I've done nothing in the garden. I opened up the greenhouse, enjoyed the sunshine, watered some trays, and thinned some more snapdragons. But nothing else. For no reason. But tomorrow will be better.

Ah - one thing - we went shopping to Homebase, and I bought some plant food for the houseplants. This was because I read of Bob's feeding his at work and reckoned it would be a good idea. Ours are in a sorry state, (they haven't been fed since I bought them, up to 6 years ago) so I think they'll be very grateful to him!

Oooh - PS, some good news I had forgotten. I have a miserable collection of plants in pots that I found when weeding the borders, bought by me in afluent times but too lazy and stupid to plant several years ago. I couldn't bring myself to throw them out, so I weeded the tops, put them in a nice sunny place, and kept an eye on them - and now 4 out of 6 are showing signs of life! These are two phloxes and two astilbes. The two still asleep/dead are achilieas, to there's time yet for them to wake up too, perhaps.


  1. Hi Emily, please plant those Astilbes as they are amazing plants. I have a pink one and a dark burgundy one and they give so much pleasure every year. Also when they finish flowering the feathery flowers turn brownish and still look interesting. I hope you feel a bit more upbeat soon. :)
    P.S I have to say I have been guilty of buying plants and not putting them in the ground in the past.

  2. Sorry you are not feeling so percky today. Yes tomorrow is another day. Getting busy helps me most of the time when I get down. Have a good day and better tomorrow. Becca

  3. Thanks to both of you - a good dinner (Cambodian Pepper Pork with spicy greens and crunchy Japanese pickle) did help. And I will plant the astilbes Maureen - as soon as I think they're big enough to fight the slugs!

  4. It's been one of those days for me, too...I have a sick Charlie and a sick kitty. :( But I'm glad your pots are showing signs of life! That's something cheerful, for sure.

  5. There you go! A wonderful surprise to help chase the doldrums. :-)


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