Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today I potted up 32 seedlings of tomato Grushovka. Hmmm. Not sure what I'll do with that lot - or more particularly, with the total of nearly 100 tomato plants I'm going to end up with! I'm hoping to sell some of them, but I know it's the kind of thing loads of people have a surplus of. We'll see.

It is blackthorn by the way - in my post below - and it's my favourite thing in the garden at the moment. I must move the hyacinths from in front of it though. They're white too so they don't clash that way, but it makes them look dumpy and artificial, and they make its airy, fragile blossom look too diffuse.


  1. My favorite thing in my garden is the Solomon Seal. When it comes into its own this spring, I will post a picture. For now, it's my "Jane" magnolia as seen in my latest post.

    Geez, I love spring.

  2. That's a new tomato to me, I've never heard of it. My once healthy Italian tomatoes seedlings sadly have almost perished. I molly coddled them too much indoors and then the wussies couldn't take it in the garage overnight last week. I had been hardening them off to transfer to the unheated greenhouse on the lottie. Never mind, I have lots more seeds so will try again. Have a lovely w/end.
    maureen :)

  3. Maureen can you have some of mine? I have 32 of these, and as many more of 2 other varieties. You're very welcome.

  4. 100 Tomato plants? I think somebody has been overdoing the seed ordering.


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