Friday, March 13, 2009

A few more seeds

This was a shorter day in the garden because I had list-making and shopping to do.

I turned the very last of the compost - as expected, there was more space after it had settled over night.

I tied in my sweet peas. There was a slight nibble of damage to one of the leaves so I put out slug traps. The beer is low-alcohol, because it was cheapest: I hope the slugs get drunk enough!

Then I moved all the tomatoes and celery into a normal propagator, since they'd germinated well. I sowed Miniature White Cucumbers, more Telephone peas, and some mixed stocks. I'd prefer to sow flowers of single colours but I'm not buying any new flower seed this year. This packet said sow by 2006 but I find they come up pretty well despite that.

The indoor jasmine has just started to flower and the scent is intoxicating.

And a couple of white hyacinths are blooming, so here's a photo of one. The geranium behind is one of my favourite plants. I love cranesbills - their habit, their foliage, and their resiliance. This one flowers a beautiful blue colour and looks lovely with the pink rose above (Gentle Hermione). Sadly the stachys that was so nice near them gave up the ghost, I think it found the soil too heavy. I know I could change this but I'd rather plant more stachys in a drier part of the garden, I don't like trying to change the world too much for plants (unless they're pinks, for whose scent I do almost anything!)


  1. Have you put your sweet-peas out already ? if so perhaps I should think about hardening mine off and getting them out. I love the White Hyacinth pic, I love the smell and everything about them. What are Telephone peas ?

  2. Why aren't you getting any new flower seeds this year?

  3. Maureen - yes, I did. I potted some up to grow indoors and noticed the roots were alread circling in the pot, so I decided to get the others out. Only a few have gone so far, the rest are making the Big Move today! Glad you like the pic. Telephone are a variety of pea, quite normal. I don't know how well they do because I've never looked after them properly before. My seed is 2-3 years old but still doing well.

    Zeb - hello - because I'm saving money. And also because I'm fed up with my habit of buying new seed rather than using up the old - and then not sowing the new seed either. I find it hard to trust my current streak of good behaviour in the garden. The longer it lasts, and the more the plants respond, the slowly begins to happen...

  4. Hi EB~
    Sounds like lots of new excitement in your garden!
    I can just smell the hyacinth and picture perfectly the sweet peas starting to climb. Sweet peas are another favorite of mine that doesn't grow too well in the tropics :(
    Have a great weekend!


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