Monday, March 30, 2009

Rose pruning

Today I pruned nearly all of the roses. Aimee Vibert, Ophelia, Picture, Margaret Merrill and x Richardii are all done; the big original one remains to do. I'm leaving the dog rose, the field rose and the two climbers at the front for the time being.

PS in case you're wondering - no, this didn't take all that long, although I did get the shredder out and deal with all the prunings and so on. The roses havent' been done properly before... ever. But mainly I was ill, which is minor but that's why I spent a lot of time reading (Real England by Paul something)


  1. Hi Emily, You always have to include time spent getting out tool, clening and putting them away and clearing up the mess in any job you do. I think its also okay to include a few distractions too as that is what most garden jobs involve one way or another even if its only watching a woodpeccker or something. Bob

  2. This is very true. Also I don't count my morning rounds to check on (and talk to, ahem) the seedlings, with bits of watering, slug-trap emptying and so on.


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