Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good to be back

I'm back again after a nice weekend away visiting and a day doing written work, and it does feel good to be in the garden again.

The photo is of the blossom on one of the treelets I planted about 5 years ago. They form a tiny stretch of mixed native hedge. I used the plant postcode database to select them: http://www.nhm.ac.uk/nature-online/life/plants-fungi/postcode-plants/ It was an idea suggested to me by one of my favourite gardening books, English Plants for Your Garden. It's been a 100% success - these trees are droughtproof, windproof, and have loads of insects and so on on them without getting eaten in an unsightly way. I wish I had more space for them.

Today I prepared one of the vegetable beds and sowed mixed lettuces, turnips, lamb's lettuce, cabbages and rocket. I also mowed the lawn. I see that candytuft and some naturtiums have germinated, and allyssum, and that the crambe cordifolia is growing again. I must put a slug trap out for it.


  1. Welcome back, Emily! You alredy work hard!

  2. I like the postcode thing although I didn't recognise much on the list it brought up for mine. The one that attracted me most was one called Sticky Mouse-ear, purely for the name - but it says its "not gardenworthy" :(

  3. Is that a blackthorn (sloe, Prunus spinosa) blooming yet?
    My mother always says: 'when the blackthorn blooms on all his thorns, then Spring really has arrived'.
    My blackthorns buds are swelling, but no flowers yet (last year, it bloomed already in the first weeks of march.)

  4. To be honest Anne, I'm not sure! When the leaves come out, I'll tell you.

  5. Welcome back, I'm glad you had a good weekend away. It's my turn this w/e but I hate leaving my seedlings, I really must get a life !! but we are looking forward to seeing our very precious grandchildren. Have fun in the garden this w/e if the weather holds out.
    maureen :)


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