Saturday, February 14, 2009

A tiring day

Well, we got the fence up. Or to be more accurate, the screen, since that's what it really is. Photos herewith.

I put the old screen in the recycling bin, and then swept the patio and the path up under the tunnel beside the garage - this made a surprisingly big difference.

Did a lot more clearing up at the front, and then swept the steps and the path.

There are now 5 sweet pea germinations visible.

Thank goodness for the garden today. Thanks also for the comments, it's amazingly gratifying to think of this being read. Granted this particular entry ain't exactly likely to rival Christopher Lloyd but never mind...


  1. I wouldn't worry to much about Christopher Lloyd, you obviously enjoyed yourself which is the main thing. Glad to hear the Sweet Peas are coming up okay. Bob

  2. I love your garden blog, Emily. I think it's because it's intimate, friendly, cosy, and steps... posts a little bit self-effacing, a little bitwhimsical, and ultimately very satisfying 'watching' someone on the other side of the world, pegging away at her garden, not always very fast, but I feel like you are doing what I would do, and I'm there *with* you, vicariously. It was good to see you all dressed up in you gardening gear. Mine these hot summer days, consists of close the gate and wear as little as possible and have a drink of water and a breather every 30 minutes...
    Sometimes I long for Autumn!

    So. Anyway, thank you Emily, for your gardening blog!

  3. Emily, you have been very busy. Your bench area looks wonderful!

  4. You will soon be able to enjoy your yard!! Everything you've done so far is looks so good! :-)

  5. :)) Thank you all very much. As for going slowly Katherine - I do everything terribly slowly, when I get the choice, I just seem to be a low-gear person. As long as I don't stop, things get done eventually. And I know what you mean about autumn - I get rather fed up with August here sometimes (and my bithday's in September ;)

    If they all come up, I'm going to have to work out where to put about 45 sweet pea plants. And there's no way I'll be up to picking them all!

  6. Hi Emily, Sorry to be so confusing. This blog is basically my old blog which I stopped posting to because I felt that in the past I had been too honest in what I'd written so to avoid getting into trouble I started my other blog which is basically just copied from my work book with a few notes added and comments answered. However I still keep on getting people saying how they miss my other blog for all the tips and things on gardening so when I got the Quince tree the other day I just thought I would post about it to this blog and as spring and then summer comes I guess there will be other gardening tips and idea's I could post on here, I just need to try and keep my camera on closeup and my opinions of the chicken shootin' gamekeeper to myself then maybe I will feel able to revive this blog for the occasional post. I think I will post my garden gear picture to the other blog though. Bob.

  7. Ah right - understood. Thanks!


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