Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today I spent three and a half hours seeing to the greenhouse - although that does include a tea-break. I should have started earlier though. It was very tiring since a lot of that was spent at the top of a rather insecure step-ladder, with my arms out-stretched, trying to clean off the debris from the tree above that was obscuring the roof.

I'll get there.

No pictures today I'm afraid - for some reason I can't make the photo application "see" the camera. Never mind.

Off for an early night now and a prompt start on that roof again tomorrow!


  1. Be careful there on the ladder, Emily!

  2. Hi Emily, I hate those cleaning chores, all that stretching and stuff is a good workout though isn't it. Although it may not seem like it you're doing a worthwhile job because your plants will do better for the extra light the cleaning will let in. Bob.

  3. Thanks for your concern Tatyana! I'm going to use a hosepipe rather than a broom this morning, so I hope that will be more efficient.

    Bob - exactly. The "greenhouse" has 2 full height solid walls, and one glass panel has a large chunks (over a square foot) of glass gone so is covered with rather tatty plastic - so I need to maximise the light. Too right about the workout too :D

    Other people dream of jewellery or posh cars or expensive shoes: I'd like a Gabriel Ash greenhouse. I spec it out instead of counting sheep!


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