Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweet peas

I've just finished sowing sweet peas: 17 pots, 3 in each. I soaked a whole packetful without thinking, so I felt I had to sow all of them.

The snow has all melted here.


  1. What a lovely little area you have there... And not a cobweb in sight!
    You'll have a lovely show! What type are they? I like the Hammet scented ones.

  2. I haven't a clue - I've already lost the packet :D

    That's the back wall of the conservatory. - I'll post a few more photos so you can see what's what.

    The secret re cobwebs is to take the picture from far enough back so they don't show ;)

  3. oh look at you motivated already and sowing seeds! Every time I look out into the wasteland that is my tiny garden I think... "perhaps when the weather is better" then I draw the curtains and put the kettle on. lol!

  4. Ha. They are indoors you know! I'm always stupidly motivated about the garden in the winter; I get scared of it in the summer, it's like a runaway train...

    The weather will be better in a couple of weeks :)


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