Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More weeding

Title says it all really. This bed has, from right to left, the rose Gentle Hermione; lots of siberian irises - I can never remember which are blue and which yellow; a peony (pink); a philadelphus (which isn't happy, and who can blame it, although in fairness I don't think it likes our clay much either); lots of aquilegias; a poorly broom; 4 cranesbills dotted around (which I love); golden marjoram; and another peony. Across the back are hedge plants, hazel, hornbeam, alder, and so on. The apparent gap in the fence on the left actually has new hornbeam plants in, all in bud thank goodness.

I only planted at most a quarter as many bulbs as this, and there are a couple more plants I don't recognise yet.

Uninvited guests include but are not limited to ivy, brambles, bindweed, creeping buttercup and grass.


  1. Some say weeding is therapeutic.

    I say good luck. What is therapeutic is watching someone else weed my garden!


  2. Hi Emily, Don't talk to me about Bindweed! I answered the questions you asked me in today's post on my blog. I will willingly show you some pics of the garden but I can only send them by email, I can't post them to my blog. My email address is in my profile page if you want to let me know where to send the pics. Bob.

  3. Rob - I really enjoy weeding when I'm in the mood for it. Just as well because I've calculated there's another 2 weeks' worth, at my usual rate, still to do, to get things tidy before things all start to take off again!

    Thanks for that Bob, I will.

  4. What a big difference with the weeding. I can't wait to see it in its full glory.


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