Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Before and after: hmmm.....

Today began with lovely sunshine after a frosty night.

This evening I was hoping to post some before and after shots of the work I've done over the last two afternoons. Well, I'll still post them, through bloodymindedness alone. But they don't show anywhere near the difference I expected. And at most, it looks so negative - as though a plague of giant gobbling creatures had descended!

It makes me wonder a little whether this blogging lark isn't getting a bit out of proportion. I write my blog in the hope that, as well as amusing a few folk, it will help to keep me motivated to continue working on the garden. I don't do the garden in order to blog about it! So if the pictures don't reflect the extent of the work, or if they make seem negative what was in fact immensely satisfying to do, that shouldn't really matter.

I told my father on the phone today how much time I'd spent in the garden in the last 10 days and he said it must be pretty tidy by now. It isn't. About 85% of it is still a dog's breakfast. This is a testament to the amount of neglect it's been treated to over the last 2 years by yours truly. But now by keeping a blog I intend to stick with things in the garden through a full year!


  1. Remember it's also a testament to how big your garden is ... if you'd spent 10 days working on our garden you would have spent most of that time wondering what else you could find to do!

  2. What an interesting reason to blog. I do hope it keeps you motivated. I like the record of it. Your garden looks good and isn't it great fun? I can see a big difference.

    I don't think your feed on Blotanical is working. It has an error message that said it failed to open stream. Just letting you know. P.S. I like the idea of herbs by the house.

  3. I think it looks, fine...You should see my garden at the moment...okay well you shouldn't...You may cry out with fear and just be agast. I am sure that in time your garden will be spick and span!


  4. Thank you Tina - it took me ages to sort it out! I meant to check it but forgot. Busy writing today's blog now :)

  5. It's coming on really well. Good things take time. I need to get into mine, but it's been so hot...


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