Monday, February 23, 2009

Guess what...

I'm thinking of re-naming this blog Emily's Weeding!

(Tomorrow I'll put a post about my week-end visit to Wollaton Hall on my other blog, Cetera.)


  1. Hi Emily, glad to see you got back ok. I should think with all that weeding you should call your blog 'Broke Back Emily'! It looks better for it anyway but the trouble is with gardening when you put one thing right you bring something else to light. People are always asking me what I find to do in the garden during winter, well if you do what you're doing right now instead of waiting till spring you will find life is much easier so you're doing a great and worthwhile job.

  2. Yes - I know just what you mean about putting one thing right - that blue pipe is so much more obvious now, I must get round to burying it, ideally. I'm a bit scared of putting a spade through it if I do but it's not so likely, given it's at the back. (It was intended to carry water to the veg patch, from a series of water butts to soaker and drip hoses. We've never used it but I would like to.)


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