Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quick note -

When I was away over the weekend I took a couple of days' break from the net. Since it was only short, I don't want to skip reading any of the blogs I normally do, so I'm going through them steadily in order. This is why I might not seem to respond to a posting as quickly as usual, but I will in a bit - I'll have caught up by the end of the week :)

PS There have been some problems on Blogger with word verification not working, so that pepole can't leave comments. I can comment on some blogs and not others and I've been told it's happened on mine. I'm sorry, but thank you for trying anyway!


  1. Hi Emily, its nice to know that I inspire someone! You can be sure I would never laugh at anything you or anyone else does. Believe it or not I've been where you are so I do understand. You will find that most real gardeners will be more willing to look for a way to help than laugh. I can wait for tomorrows installment. I will post a picture of the greenhouse at work if it helps to motivate you futher. Bob.

  2. Sorry, I meant, I CAN'T wait for tomorrows installment.


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