Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Greenhouse - day 1 of 2

Right. I am determinedly titling this day 1 of 2 because I won't let myself spend more than 2 days on it. I hope this ruse works!

This shed is at the back of our garage. When we moved in it had a solid roof of old rotting panels. We had that replaced with transparent panels, and it became known as the greenhouse.

Clearing it out has been rather tough. It's full of past failures, signs of repeated hopeful beginnings that ended in rows and recriminations; the vibes in there are grim. I put it off for ages, but when I read this in UKBob's blog, I knew I couldn't dodge the job any longer!

So here you have evidence of stage 1.

This took a couple of hours but I achieved more than perhaps shows here. And I feel better about it all again and am looking forward to sowing seeds out there very soon. Apart from all the bad stuff, it's also good to come across so many odds and ends I was starting to think I'd want to buy and didn't have money for - which were sitting here waiting to be found again.

And also cleared the lawn, went round and talked to all the new things I've found coming up lately, and watered all the things in pots - which were very dry, to my great surprise.

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