Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick update

I just opened the back door to let our dog out for a quick wee - and it was all full of snow! Just like that. And the amber light from Gatwick a couple of miles away is reflecting off more snow-clouds, making the whole garden show looks like a cosy corner in a pub where they hope orange lights will make you drink more...

Admittedly when I took this photo with my little camera, the flash went off so of course the orange light didn't show up. I hope my husband's greater photographic skills will give me a better picture to post here after dinner. - and yes I know it's very little snow, but it all appeared in about 40 minutes (or so it seemed...)

.... and later: I feel very humbled: this is his photo. The exposure was 16 seconds, and you can see blurring from where the wind moved the trees. You can also see the shadow of the camera and the chair it was resting on (just)... and our demi-johns which should have been put away months ago but never mind!


  1. That looks wonderful! But your lovely dog looks a little bemused by it all. Love the footprints in the virgin white.

  2. The only way I could get her to keep still was to tell her to sit, and she was thinking "What, in this?!" ;)

  3. Both photos have their merits ... after all, yours has a cool dog with laser eyes! ;-)

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