Friday, February 27, 2009

First mowing and fish-feeding of the season

Today we were blessed with glorious sunshine. I am strongly influenced by sunlight - I go a bit mad and spend all day smiling! (Fortunately I don't get depressed when it's dull, I'm just less zaney then.)

First off a couple of flowers. I've shown pictures of both of these little ones before but they are really blooming well now:

- and this next one seems to glow with light, even in a gloomy corner:

It was also the first day I felt it was worth putting out the whirlygig (I'm afraid as usual this is a warts and all photo - there is of course a huge amount of tidying to do about the place)

I went to feed the fish, waking up and very hungry, but gave it a few minutes longer so that this pair could have a bit of peace:

Then I got on with putting away all the clutter I'd spread over the lawn (from the greenhouse) and tidied up the lawn as best I could, and then... I mowed it. This would have made more difference if I'd lowered the blade a bit more but never mind. And here it is afterwards. The whole things still has loads of weeding to do, and maybe looks rather unappealing - but it will look wonderful in a couple of months' time, I promise!

Then finally after supper I soaked two lots of morning glory and one of ranunculus. I find it hard to believe these little dry spidery things will become the plants I remember loving before, and in so little time, but I hope so.

Bob wondered what the next project is. Ha! Tomorrow I will be tackling this, which is our garage:


  1. Have fun with the garage. I have been putting mine off for like forever. Need to just do it...

  2. Garages are just black holes! When this is in good order though it is important to us: the rear part is my husband's workshop, and he's quite keen on practical woodworky things - when his working area hasn't been made a complete tipe - and the front part is where we store most of the produce from the garden, with a big freezer, all our cider, and roots in boxes of sand etc. When we have it tidied out it will really help in all sorts around the house and the garden.

  3. Oh my goodness Emily - where are you going to start? I hope the car isn't under that lot somewhere cos I reckon you will be catching the bus for while if it is! You did right not to cut the grass to short yet. I like primulas and polyanthus, they're so bright and cheerful and flower just when you need them most. I took a picture of some polyanthus yesterday along with me in my work clothes as promised earlier, I will post them soon. Bob.

  4. Emily, I love that greenhouse! Good morning to your fish!


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