Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glorious sunshine

We had a beautiful afternoon here and I got a lot of odds and ends done.

Made a start on the other half of the front garden, pulling up most of the ivy and digging out loads of dandelions.

Potted up a huge trough of bulbs for the patio.

Noticed some new growth on the plumbago I'm trying to rescue in the conservatory and took it outside to shake off all the dead leaves. Several things there need spraying - I'll have to see what I can find that's suitable.

Cleared the lawns again of Pippa's contributions.

Cut out two huge trugs' worth of brambles from along the back fence, since the brown wheelie bin will be emptied on "Wednesday" (which is council-speak for Thursday).

While doing this I saw some pink buds at the base of the rhubarb plant. Oh. I think I've been very stupid: I had assumed we'd lost it, but maybe it just dies down like most herbacious perennials?

Lots of bulbs are sprouting away happily.

I saw the growth of the poppy plant coming up through the old pond fence, now on its side. Better get that up and replaced ASAP.


  1. Yes, rhubarb dies down like an herbaceous perennial:)

  2. Yes - and as my husband kindly points out it's done this every year... !

  3. Sounds a perfect afternoon :)


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