Thursday, February 5, 2009

Signature plant

I read here: about the idea of a signature plant. I think it's meant to be taken as something you adopt and show great love and effort with. In our garden it couldn't really be anything other than the apple trees. When we moved here, they adopted us. We have 3 mature ones: a bramley, a russet, and another which gets very red. They are at least 50 years old, since our next-door neighbour remembers them that long, and I susepct a good deal older. We also have a dwarf one and another youngster.

They blossom in the first to second week of May, and the fruit ripens in September. We have an apple press (a wonderful birthday present to me from my husband about 5 years ago) and we make cider and apple juice (since I don't drink alcohol).

I will post some photographs here of the trees when they are blossoming.

The trees mean a huge amount to me. They seem to own the garden far more than we do. I love their presence through the winter, and their ever-changing nature. They're always there and never the same.


  1. I would love to have an apple tree, but the deer would be drawn right into our yard very quickly! They'd eat my apples, and then they'd eat my hosta and everything else in my garden that wasn't "fastened down!" ;-) However, we do have friends with apple trees and I appreciate their generosity. The apple press was a great gift!

  2. Yes - I adore deer, but I'm glad we don't have to garden with them! We get foxes, but they do no damage. (Our main pests are slugs, and I'm planning a major beer-trap campaign this year...)

  3. Ah! A cider-press! What a wonderful present.

  4. Hi Emily,
    I'm glad I made it here. I get behind in my blog reading, but always try to go to the blogs of those who make comments on mine. Not only did you visit mine, you mentioned it on your blog. Thanks! The idea for signature plants was Tina, from In the Garden,

    You and I have some things in common. I had to laugh in agreement when I read what you said about being better at buying books than getting them read, and liking to talk. I'm getting over the self-criticism with the help of God, but I've been really good at that, as well. I like your dog pics, too.

  5. Sue - hello :) Thank you for pointing out Tina's blog to me, and I hope I write some more that you like here soon. If I were half as good at gardening as I am at bringing home books about it....

  6. Hi EB, I came over as you appeared on my blog. Is it okay if I put a link to your signature plant on my blog sidebar? I love apple trees. My grandparents had several and also pressed cider. I miss it so much. They had a cherry tree too. Lovely trees all. You write very nicely and have a great day. P.S. You are exactly right on the signature plant-something that identifies you and you identify with and take great care of. I can tell the apple trees are you from your introduction.


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