Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A satisfying day

We had another very blustery day today. It must be very upsetting for the birds - I hope not too many nests have been blown down.

I began the day by feeding the conservatory and outdoor pot plants. I only feed the solely ornamental ones; the edible ones have to make do with homemade compost, until I make up some comfrey liquid. Then I had a good look round everywhere and pulled up a few weeds.

Then I spent a while in the vegetable garden. I hoed a corner bed; it was hard set and difficult, even though it's had loads of compost dug in. Later I watered it to soften it, put some canes in and planted the cucumbers. I worked some general purpose compost into the hole for each to give them a start.

The I planted out sprouts, more leeks, cavolo nero and bunching onions. I weeded round the peas, and did a lot of tidying up around the place because I don't think I'll be out for another couple of days.

Then I mowed the lawn. I did part on the lowest setting but I don't like the look and feel of it: none of our bits of lawn is very flat and even though the mower didn't scalp, the ground feels more lumpy with very short grass.


  1. Satifying day indeed. Feels great when you get a good bit done. You will sleep well tonight

  2. Garden's looking great! And what a lot of vegetables you got in! What is cavolo nero?

    My lawns are crying for a mow...

  3. I did indeed sleep well (although I woke up unable to move for a few nightmarish moments, and then slipped into a "real" nightmare to account for it).

    Cavolo nero is a brassica, with a wonderful taste. Mellow and sweet but green-tasting in the way savoy is. We find it grows well for us too.


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