Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Retail therapy #2

A grey drizzly day. Good for the garden but it got to me a bit. And I fancied having a go at this bedding plant lark, so I took myself off to the garden centre, where I spent ages rambling up and down and eventually selected this little lot for just under £20.

I'm particularly pleased with this one, a lantana camara which is actually perennial (but tender). They get quite big - up to a meter.

This is my first container planted up (fennel, pelargonium, petunia and helichrysum. It doesn't look great at the moment but I'm hoping it will fill out in a while.


  1. Hi Emily! I started to read your post and smiled - I just looked at Hermes' post "Busy". Good for the garden...
    Nice choice of plants you have there. Will wait fot the pictures of your containers in bloom!

  2. Nothing better than retail therapy on a dreary day! I love lantana. I have several colors of it. It comes back every year for me, should for you as well.

  3. I think, from what I read, I'll have to bring the lantana in. We get several degrees below 0 at night during the winter and I doubt it would survive that.

  4. A new plant to me but it looks nice. I really need the rain to get on with some housework but then being away for a week I am so behind in the garden too.

  5. Joanne - I know what you mean, but I have a perverse mental picture of you somehow doing water-powered housework! We're about to go away for a fortnight and I'm dreading being away from the garden. We will have someone in to water and (I hope very much) weed a bit, but I feel very anxious about what I can reasonably ask of him. We will be paying him, but he's not of an organic persuasion.


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