Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Book shopping

I've still not been back in the garden properly, I hope to do so tomorrow.

Today we were in London for a few hours. I spent the time having a walk up some of my favourite back streets and going to a second hand bookshop - so no change there then! In said bookshop (Quinto, Charing Cross rd branch) I bought: "England", mainly black and white photos by Edwin Smith, whose work I love; "Foliage Plants" by Christopher Lloyd - given how keen I am on avoiding naff things like flowers, ahem; and "Hortus Revisited" which should top up my taste for double-barrel surnames and small wood engravings. This little hoard came to £12.50. Would it have been better spent on plants? Well not the Edwin Smith book anyway.

PS Here is a link to some ES photos, so you can see what I'm on about.


  1. Some days we just need to take a break. Looking for books sounds like a very fun way to relax. I say books are just as important as plants-especially garden books:)

  2. Ya'll have THE best shops there! You can find so many amazing things there that you cannot find here! I wish I could fly there and go back to Portobllo (sp?) Market for 2 days, and have about $15,000 to spend!!!! I could get some great things!

  3. Thanks for the link to my Edwin Smith collection - but the link has been changed as I'm in process of updating it.
    You can see them now via this one.


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