Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A break-in

An eventful afternoon...

I trimmed the clematis up the side of the front door which had grown more than half way across the door. I did some general weeding, the quarry this time being mainly bindweed and dandelions. I did some watering around the conservatory and greenhouse. Then I shredded a load of wild rose prunings - rather a nasty job, got a few scratches. Finally I cleared and mowed the bits of lawn. I intended to do quite a bit more but I was feeling a bit wobbly so didn't hurry things.

Just as I was finishing up I heard Pippa barking, which is unusual. I went into the house and heard a scratching on the front door. So I opened it suddenly - to find it was actually a neighbour who was just accidentally scraping his wing mirror against a nearby telegraph pole. I commiserated with him over the damage and as I did so, heard the front door slam behind me. He kindly lent me a small step-ladder which I used to climb onto the wheely bin at the back of the house and then onto a very narrow wall, topped with trellis with roses climbing through it. From there it looked a long way down. I slithered inelegantly down via the conservatory window-sill. I hope I don't ever have to pursue a career as a house-breaker, I'm really not cut out for it!

My mother-in-law who visited over the week-end has kindly sent this picture she took of muggins reprimanding the leeks for their inadequate growth. I am sitting on a stool you can't see, not the edge of the raised bed. Yes I know you can't see any leeks either - that is exactly my point. I have planted some more.


  1. Nice picture, Emily! You are looking good. Of course, the picture of you slithering into the house woud be even more interesting, he-he! It reminded me a story about my brother-in-law getting into our house through the doggie's door after my twins locked him out. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Cute pic! Captures a gardener perfectly! Funny story! Glad you have decided not to take up burglary...stick to gardening ;)

  3. Lookin good Emily. Don't ya hate when you get locked out. At least you had a ladder from a nice man. Funny story.

  4. What a lovely picture. Perhaps you ought to have a caption competition, with suggestions as to what you might be saying to the leeks.

  5. Nice photo Emily. Is that rhubarb I can see ? good luck with the next lot of leeks. Mine are still in the seed trays and coming on well.

  6. That silverbeet doesn't need any berating, 'though! Gosh.

  7. This means that is your mother-in-lar who takes this beautiful picture, so all the credit will be given to her..
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  8. My neighbours regularly see me climbing up the utility room roof to get in via a window.



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