Friday, May 15, 2009

Peony puzzle

I wonder if someone can advise me what to do about these 2 peonies. Please ignore the weeds!

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Both of these plants were in the garden when we moved in. They have not flowered in 6 years. I assume they are peonies: the foliage looks like that, and they put up shoots just like my "proper" peony (which I bought and which does flower). Every year, having a memory like a seive, I get terribly excited as I see their shoots come up, forget they don't flower, and am freshly disappointed by their non-performance.



  1. They may need to be dug up and replanted more shallowly Emily. For some reason if they're planted too deeply, they don't bloom.

    I learned that when I was a little girl, and probably wouldn't have known it otherwise. My mom had some she divided, and they didn't bloom for years afterwards. She asked a gardening friend, who diagnosed the problem. So they replanted them, and the next spring, they bloomed, and every spring afterwards. I'm a little surprised I remembered that tip, but I guess I shouldn't be. Even when I was little I was crazy for our garden, and soaked up gardening information like a sieve!

  2. Hooray for Garden Girl! I've learnt something!

  3. Hi Emily, I think garden girl is right. This is what they say at :"Failure to bloom is usually caused by two things: improper planting and insufficient light. When planting peonies, make sure to plant the eyes (the point at which new growth emerges) no more than two inches deep. Also make sure your plants get plenty of sun. If they're planted in a shady site, they will not flower well--if at all."
    Good luck!

  4. Right, I shall dig them up ASAP and hope thy fare better next year. At least they look healthy and have nice foliage in the meantime. Thank you all!

  5. Garden Girl what an interesting observation. When I think of it all my peonies that flower well just the common red one all grow very near the surface. probably by lazyness when I moved them! Good luck Emily for next year then.

  6. Yes, I'd say dig up and replant no deeper than 2" below surface (the crown) just like Garden Girl. Be sure to add some good compost and maybe some bone meal. Another problem it may be is lack of sun. If it gets full sun, then surely it is that they are buried too deeply.


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