Saturday, May 16, 2009

Look out Tesco

and no doubt Saatchi & Saatchi will be seeking out my talents too...

*** Update: I have now sold 4 lots of 3 for 2!


  1. Very creative :-D

    I have spare tomato plants too - didn't think quite so many would germinate (doh)

  2. Great one Emily. I was thinking of taking mine to a boot sale I was intending to do today, but it rained. Anyway perhaps just as well as they will be bigger next week.

  3. Well done - I keep intending to put mine out the front on a little table but never quite get round to it...

  4. Excellent drawings of tomato plants, Emily. In a strange coincidence, we watched a video of the Saachi Gallery yesterday. There's some pretty weird stuff in it... Your dear little plant drawings might be quite acceptable! (Not to say that they are weird, she adds hastily, just that oh, now I'm protesting too much! You know what I mean, I hope :-)


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