Monday, January 26, 2009

Hours 4-7 of digging up the rubus tricolor

The title says it all really.

It looks almost destructive. I did love the swathe of green from that plant, but when I see how it's churned up the tarmac of the pavement, I realise how out of place it was.

I have a horrible feeling the two brunneras either side of the camelia have died,and they were so pretty all together. I hope I'm wrong and they pop up in the spring.

I was going to weaken and put in here a few pictures of what this part of the garden has been like in the spring before, but I see from the dates that in about a fortnight's time things will be flowering, so I'm going to hold my nerve and not post any pictures in the blog entries that aren't current. So here are the shoots of the snowdrops on the fence-side border of the pond garden, as a sign of things to look forward to. You can see that I leave dead leaves where they fall - I see no point in gathering them: they'll make a natural mulch eventually :)

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