Saturday, January 31, 2009

Done! (kind of...)

Well, the weeding of that side of the front is done. Ahem... nearly. I still want to pull up the ivy, which was so slow to establish but which I now regret. After that I will finish it all off with a top-dressing of bark, over some compost on which plants I think need it.

I took some pictures but I think there's a limit to how excited any reader is going to get over pictures of hard-won bare earth! Instead I tried to get some of flowers, but they're in rather short supply just now. These are the best I could manage: lungwort (pulmonaria) and primroses. They both look very much as though they're still rubbing their eyes. As well they might: it hasn't got to 5 degrees here today, and we have snow forecast for the coming week.

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