Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Busy day - elsewhere

OK, OK, so I said "daily account". Unfortunately I spent today loading a car full of music equipment, and doing other things that had to be done but don't involve plants or even rubus tricolor. Harrumph. And tomorrow will be no better because if I don't do some housework soon I think my husband will decide the garden shed looks more appealing and move out. But we had more lovely rain today, which I will never cease to be grateful for even if it's over my head (having holidays in hot countries has taught me that much). And I'm champing at the bit to do more in the garden, which is a good sign. Ever onwards...


  1. Hi Emily,

    thanks for leaving me message on my page And for the note about "followers" - I have just add it to my page, thanks for reminder me :o)

    kuba, Prague


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