Saturday, May 15, 2010


We've just watched Doctor Who. The episode we saw was "Amy's Choice". I enjoyed it very much - more than I often do - but what struck me was that in the parts filmed in the village, it starts of summertime, with sunshine and roses and flowers in the beds, but by the end the hedges are bare and the roses look all too obviously shipped in. So what I'm wondering is whether they did in fact film the whole thing in the winter and it just happened to be a sunny day to start with, or whether the change was deliberate as the atmosphere of those scenes grew darker. If you've seen it, did you notice this, and what do you think?

(More news about Emily's garden later)


  1. I don't have a clue. I just started watching a few episodes of Dr. Who lately. Interesting show.

  2. It's mainly aimed at children but lots of adults watch it. My husband and I like to watch it together because we have relatively little that we both enjoy on the television - this and QI (a quiz show with Stephen Fry) is all we watch at the moment.

  3. I didn't see that Emily, must have been when I was hiding behind the sofa. Bob.


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