Friday, May 21, 2010

A great year for...

It seems to be a brilliant year for nearly everything. There just a few exceptions I've noticed. The irises aren't all that plentiful round here so far, I don't know whether it's still early for them or they didn't quite get what they wanted at the right time.

The chickeweed is having a marvelous time of it. Bindweed not so bad as some years. I think this difference may be because chickweed copes with a dry spell better.

My few adventures into tulip planting have been very successful; it remains to be seen how well they will come up again though.

I'm looking forward to pulling up the forget-me-nots so I can have a good weed round, but I'll give them a bit longer to set seed yet. I know this sounds silly - they're so common, so invasive, but one year, I didn't, and then we didn't have many for a couple of years after that and I missed them a lot. They look nice with so many other things.

My beer traps for slugs are doing very well, but I do resent spending the money on beer for them!

PS I find all this daylight confusing. It's like suddenly playing in a position right in the middle of the pitch, and not being able to orientate myself. How do you know when to stop, when you've been at it for ages and it's still not just daylight, but sunny?!


  1. Hi Emily! I'm glad this season promises to be good for your garden. I'll be interested to see how your tulips doing next year. I heard that they never come back nicely, and many people treat them as annuals. I planted my tulips in containers, and they were great. But how will they do next year? Will see. Happy gardening to you!

  2. well isn't that all fab and even the dilemma of when to come in at the end of the day is welcome. Oh thank goodness those terrible winter months are behind us for another while.
    Tulips are fickle :)

  3. Hello again to both of you :) Tatyana - I must go back to your blog again. Carrie - I just saw your Etsy shop, what a great idea. I am making a list ;)

  4. Hi Emily, I usually stop when it gets to around 5:30 because if I don't I have Vicki on the phone threatening to give my dinner to the dogs. If you give her your number I'm sure she could find a way to twist your arm too. Bob.

  5. I should think you start a good bit earlier than I do Bob ;)

  6. High Emily

    I have missed your posts of late but then I seem to be so busy I haven't been blogging so much myself.

    Hmm I liked your comment on Bindweed but mine seems as rampant as ever as does the ground elder but I did paint a few leaves of ground elder round my climbers and the ground elder has at last died hurrah!

    It is sheer exhaustion that sends me in from gardening more than time schedules.


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